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The 3rd. Annual Modesto Marathon Presented by Surgical Artistry is coming March 18th so register now at ModestoMarathon.Com save 5 to 10 dollars on your early registration. This discounted registration fee ends on Saturday February 18th.  So visit the web site now

The Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon running towards a Healthier Future. Visit us at.ModestoMarathon.Com


Hi, Iím Dr. Calvin Lee of Surgical Artistry and with Dr. Tammy Wu we are proud to Present the 3rd. Annual Modesto Marathon Weekend.

Starting Saturday March 17th. at  the Modesto Center Plaza join the free Marathon Expo with Guest Speaker and Author Dick Beardsley.

On Sunday, celebrate our main event the Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon at 7am.  We invite you to join the Marathon, half Marathon and 5K run. You can also volunteer or cheer for the runners.  <Add info on In-Shape Pace Teams as promised> For more information, visit